Reginald Harmon

Infinite Concepts LLC
1130 Salem Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45406

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Reginald H. Harmon first exhibited his striking artistic complexities as a very young child growing up in Dayton, OH.  Early in his life, he broke any rules of single talent identity by showing mastery in visual arts, music, design and poetry.  His artistry reflects the social consciousness that embodies the culture of the black community.  His mediums for expression are as widely ranged as are his subject matter and style.

By the time he reached his teenage, Reginald had distinguished himself as an artist and was admitted into the honorary ranks of students at the New York Fashion institute of Technology.  There he excelled beyond his own expectations and still is held in high regard by the faculty. One of Harmon's most popular paintings is "Where Children Play", an oil rendering of warm hues of brown and gold which shares the mood of black children relaxing with friends.

Reginald is an accomplished saxophone player, appearing in venues throughout the U.S and the Caribbean. He is also the founder and CEO of Infinite Concepts LLC, located in Dayton, Ohio. He released his first music project in 2005 entitled, "Follow the Light". This smooth flowing, easy listening jazz compilation has gotten the attention of serious jazz artists. The overflow of these delicate jazz creations can also be heard on his most recent project, "New Flora: Blossoming in the Garden of the King".

Reggie produced, wrote and arranged the music and appears on this project. This gospel spoken word CD is the debut release of Flora J. Anders, collaborator and long-time friend of Harmon. The jazz/spoken word blend leaves no doubt that Reginald Harmon is the long awaited 21st Century Renaissance Man. Reggie also composed jazz arrangements for such groups as Pieces of a Dream.

Harmon was also an art educator in the public school system. His philosophy on the critical importance of the arts to the entire academic experience is evident in the programs he has designed for the charter school, the art education proposals he promotes and the influence with which he nurtures youth and adults in pursuing their God-given talents.

Reginald Harmon has paintings, sculptures, music productions and business collaborations that speak to the range of gifts God has given him. He is frequently approached with the questions; to what source does he attribute his great talents. His response is this:

"I don't do it. It's not me. I begin an artistic endeavor and when I complete it, I am just as amazed as you are." He says "I know God is in me and with me and I do all I can to make sure I don't hide my gifts but use them to bring some light to the lives of others."